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               Bank Levy                     Wage Garnishments

Do you have a judgment and know where your Debtor Works or Banks?


Do you know when they are paid?


If you don't want to 'Assign' your judgment to us, but YOU want to levy on the debtor's wages or bank account, our Registered Process Servers can prepare and serve your Bank Levy and Wage Garnishments for you, when YOU want it served.  


Often you will know when your debtor will be paid or when they will make a bank deposit.  Having your LEVY or E.W.O. served on a particular day and or time can make a real difference.  Unlike having the Sheriff serve for you... when Sheriff wants to serve, YOU can be in control as to what day and what time service are made.


More and more Sheriff Departments are NOT serving Levys or Garnishments.


If you have a Levy or Garnishment to be served in one of those counties, call us.  We can prepare the documents and serve them for you.


Our Licensed Investigators are also available on an hourly basis.

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