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Judgment Enforcement Associates is NOT a collection agency.  


Judgment Enforcement Associates is NOT a Law Firm.  


Judgment Enforcement Associates does NOT hire clerks to 'Dial for Dollars' and 'beg or threaten' debtors for payment. 


Judgment Enforcement Associates does NOT mail debtors a series of meaningless collection letters containing empty threats.  


Judgment Enforcement Associates IS 'Judgment Enforcement' firm that takes assignments of 'Non-Consumer' judgments and enforces them.


Our success is derived from its experienced staff of Licensed Private Investigators, Experienced Office Support Staff, and Registered Process Servers and Retained Counsel, who we consider to be some of the best Judgment Enforcement lawyers in the Sacramento area.


Winning a judgment and collecting a judgment are two different things. Statistically, 79% of all judgments in California remain unsatisfied.


Many debtors know how to 'work the system' by filing unmeritorious or frivolous actions causing you to spend even more time and money in court.  


Judgment Enforcement Associates has an 83% success rate in judgment enforcement as compared to the 'Typical Collection Agency' that we have experienced to have only a 7% success rate.


Studies conducted by the American Collector Association (A.C.A.), the industry trade association for collection agencies, have concluded that for every thirty days an account remains un-worked by a collection agency clerk, who merely 'Dials for Dollars', it is 16% less likely to be collected.  They refer to this as the 'Rule of 16's.'


This is one of the primary reasons 'typical collection agency' usually will have only a 7% success rate.

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